“Can we dance limbs flailing freely scroll to the tune of our own nervous embodiment rhythm is to the beat of the code commanding behind? (...)”

nervous.online. In collaboration with Flee Immediately!. 2017. 

“Fluidity is an internal process, intrinsically linked with the bodies’ gestures and modes of communication (...)”

(In)tereference. Film. 2015.

“Human communication is an artificial process. It relies on artistic techniques, on inventions, on tools and instruments, that is, on symbols ordered into codes (...)” 2

Vilem Flusser, What is Communication?

“In an increasingly image-based world, reading is becoming seeing. How we consume and relate to information is becoming increasingly performative, immersive and experiential. Within design practice, have aesthetics become content? (...)” 1

Fictional Journal. Open Call 02. Propaganda. 2016.

In 1959, designers Charles and Ray Eames were commissioned by the United States Information Agency USIA to make a film about a day in the life of the United States as part of the cultural exchange between the Soviet Union and the USA. The film ‘Glimpses of the USA’was projected onto seven screens in one of Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes inside the Sokolniki Park in Moscow, USSR.

“Fragile Structures (...)” 

Nicole Wermers, Croissants and Architecture. DAMn Magazine. 2017.

“Value as a non-economic notion is one of the hardest concepts to tackle. Although immaterial, value is one of the core ideas that shape society, influence hearts and minds, but it defies easy definition (...)”

Maaike Lauwaert & Francien van Westrenen. Facing Value: Radical Perspectives from the Arts. 2017.

“Mediated by various screens and devices, images become constant infiltration's into the mind, and a live stream that is difficult to switch off (...)” 

Mediating the Ether. Film. 2015.


01 November 2017 - January 31 2018
An online exhibition embedding artists and designers Aya Bentur & Bili Regev, Liat Berdugo & Emily Martinez, Jordana Bragg, Joana Chicau, dest.zone, Jane Frances Dunlop, Mathhew de Kersaint Giradeau, Colm O'Neill, Daniel Pinheiro and Niko Princen. With Flee Immediately! and part of the Wrong Biennale.

Fictional Journal Issue 02. Propaganda
April 2017

Questions of propaganda have become urgent. The propagation of movements, ideologies and opinions are assisted by the development of algorithms, online news media and social media. These contribute to formation of ever- differentiating echo chambers in which information, ideas and beliefs are amplified and repeated in increasingly enclosed systems. How can design interventions respond to the current societal phenomenon and state of propaganda? With contributions by Foundland, Gali Blay, Paul Devens, Anja Neidhardt, Coralie Gourguechon x Fabrica, Paolo Patelli, Rui Guiman and MAGMAH (Gabriel Maher & Isabel Mager). Supported by Z33 Research and Stimuleringsfonds.

Launched at Atelier Clerici during Salone del Mobile Milan, Italy on 4-9 April, 2017.

Facing Value: Radical Perspectives from the Arts
January 2017

Image research for a visual essay weaving its way through the nine chapters of this book, providing examples of the expression of value in contemporary art and design. Edited by Maaike Lauwaert & Francien van Westrenen. Designed by Laura Pappa & Elisabeth Klement. Published by Valiz Publishing.

Fictional Journal Issue 01. Joy
April 2016
In situations of abstract fear and non-tangible threat, people can react with distress and worry, but also with positive counteracts of irony, absurdity and conviviality. These reactions can enable joy, hope, distraction and escapism from the immediate present. How can design interventions respond to situations of abstract threat? Can design trigger possible positive consequences, such as joy, hope and solidarity and usurp the status quo? With contributions by Fictional Collective. Supported by Z33 Research

This Is Work
27 Feburary - 28 March 2015

As part of Fictional Collective. An investigation into contemporary working conditions and subsequent consequences on creative culture. The investigation culminated in an exhibition, online publication, and symposia at Depot Basel.

thisiswork.org. is a time-based publishing laboratory. The chapters and content of the publication are the result of a collaborative method, taking place both online and offline in four symposia held within the exhibition. With works by contributors such as sociologist Pascal Gielen (Belgium), designer and cultural scientist Claudia Mareis (Switzerland), architect and researcher Daniel Fernandez Pasqual (UK) and architect and writer Anna Puigjaner (Spain).

Fictional Journal
2015 - Ongoing

A platform and online publication for design theory and practice navigating societal contexts of design. In 1–2 issues a year, the journal opens up a theme for investigation and action through commissions and open calls. In collaboration with Heini Lehtinen, Teresa Palmieri, Gabriela Baka, Julian Gerke.

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Agency of Walking
18 September - 7 December 2014
BIO 50: 24th Biennial of Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Still Walking is a performative tool to understand choreographies of gathering and create a tangible analysis of group movement in public space, made for the Agency of Walking. The action in Ljubljana was made in collaboration with teachers and students from Srednja Vzgojiteljska sola in gimnazija Ljubljana. In collaboration with Aya Bentur.

Fictional Collective
July 2014

Co-founder of a network of designers, architects, writers, curators and researchers producing exhibitions, interventions and design-oriented publications. ‪The collective is a content-based platform for collaborations and dialogues around design and design practice.‬

Founded in 2014, Fictional Collective grew from the Master departments of Design Academy Eindhoven. Projects include exhibition Fragments of Ongoing Fictions, Plug In City, This Is Work and Fictional Journal.


Mediating the Ether. Exhibited during This is Work exhibition, 2015. Depot Basel, Basel, Switzerland.
(In)terference. Invitation to respond to Hermoione Flynn’s collection (In)difference. 2015.  

Sophie Rzepecky is a designer, concept developer, editor and communication strategist currently working in the realms of contemporary art and design. She holds a Masters in Social Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven and has an avid interest in connecting interdisciplinary modes of creative knowledge through publications, exhibition-making, events and cultural communication. In 2016, she co-founded Fictional Journal where she works in an editorial and curatorial capacity to facilitate design responses to societal questions, generating collective knowledge and debate. She has previously worked in communication and curatorial roles at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art and OMA. Currently working with Studio Tomás Saraceno and occasionally writing for DAMn Magazine. Based in Berlin.  
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